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We, as Obdan Sistem Gümrük Müşavirliği Limited Şirketi (“Obdan Sistem” or “Company”), hereby state that your personal data which we become aware of under our business relationships or employment relationship with you can be processed for the purposes that require processing and in a way that is connected, limited and relevant for such purposes and by preserving the accuracy and currency of such personal data as disclosed to us, this means that recording, storage, amendment, re-arrangement, disclosure, transfer, assignment, availability, classification or prevention of use and disclosure of such personal data to the organizations authorized to request the personal data under the laws and provision of the personal data to the domestic or overseas third parties can be carried out as prescribed by the Law no 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”).

Accordingly, we present the following information to your attention.

Your personal data including but not limited to your identification details and contact information can be processed for certain purposes including the execution of the necessary activities and contacting you under the service contract or employment contract or other contracts entered into and/or planned to be entered into by and between you and our Company.

We collect your personal data physically or electronically and verbally or in writing including but not limited to during the business interviews, client meetings, supplier meetings and through the forms completed in those interviews and meetings, websites, trainings etc. because it is mandatory to collect such data to sign and execute contracts with you as our employees, clients and suppliers.
We collect and process your personal data which we personally requested from you and which you preferred sharing with us during your job application and in your CV or in other texts shared by you as part of your application and by means of transmission of such personal data to us physically or electronically and by saving such data in the computer programs, applications and servers of the Company that are accessible by multiple individuals or saving open source data available to the 3rd parties in the internet particularly due to our responsibilities as Employer and for the reasons stipulated in the laws and in accordance with the legal interests of our Company. Such personal data is processed for the purpose of being kept in your personal files as part of the ‘Obligation to Keep Personal Files of the Employees’ in accordance with the Article 75 of the Labor Law no 4857 and being disclosed to the 3rd parties when and if required under the conditions prescribed by the Law.
We collect the data about the use of car allocated to you and the fuel used by you through the devices installed in the car and our entry and exit control systems in accordance with the legal interest of the Company in following up the works and ensuring workplace security and fulfilling our legal obligations.
We collect your images through our cameras within the workplace in line with the legal obligation of the Company to ensure workplace security and the legal interests of the Company.
We collect your medical data physically through our workplace physician for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations and complying with the provisions prescribed by the laws and collect your personal data physically or electronically to ensure workplace safety.
We collect all documents that are officially sent to our Company in your name through legal notifications for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations.

Your personal data can be disclosed to certain third parties and organizations in accordance with the processing purposes. Accordingly:
• Your identification details are disclosed to the bank for the payment of your salaries and to the insurance company for making your private medical insurance.
• The medical reports submitted to our Company by you are disclosed to the Social Insurance Authority so that no deductions are made over your salary.
• Your identification details are disclosed to the clients so that your name can be included in the powers of attorney granted by our clients during the provision of our ongoing customs consultancy services.
You can get more information about the 3rd parties to whom your personal data is transferred, by contacting the authorized officer of our Company.

In accordance with the Article 11 of the Law, you can apply to our Company and use the following rights:
a) To know whether your personal data has been processed or not,
b) If your personal data has been processed, to ask for information about processing of such data,
c) To know the purpose of processing of personal data and to know whether such data is used in accordance with the purpose,
d) To know the third parties inland or abroad, to whom such personal data has been disclosed,
e) If the personal data has been processed incompletely or wrongly, to ask for correction of it
f) To ask for deletion or disposal of personal data, which has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law and other relevant laws but the reasons for processing of such personal data have disappeared,
g) to ask for providing information to third parties, to whom such personal data has been disclosed, in connection with the action taken according to the paragraphs (d) and (e),
h) To object to the occurrence of any negative results about data owner through analysis of the processed data exclusively by automatic systems,
i) To ask for the indemnification of the loss suffered due to the processing of personal data in violation of the law.

If you wish to contact us, provide feedback or ask questions to us under the Law, you can communicate with us by delivering your identification documents and petition including your request by hand to Perpa Elektrokent A Blok No: 1970 Okmeydanı Şişli/İstanbul or through Notary Public or e-mail to with secure electronic signature or your e-mail address registered in our systems.
All written applications to be made in this regard will be accepted upon identification verification to be conducted by us and we will provide feedback within 30 days.

I have read the relevant information provided under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.
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