Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting


Our in house full-time legal counsel assists us in forming advisory opinions on all legal matters that may affect our clients’ activities involving the customs administrations.

We continuously examine and analyze every change or amendment added to the customs regulations as they happen. At the outset we send reports to our clients that include analyses of the regulations pertinent to the business they engage in. We then follow up with memos on any changes affecting their business if such legislative changes happen.


We subject every application we fill out on behalf of our clients to legal scrutiny before they are filed with the public and governmental institutions and offices.


We facilitate all communication, electronic or postal, on behalf of our clients. We respond with the appropriate mode of communication and notify the responsible officer in real time.


We create petitions of objection and file them with the responsible regional directorate.


We provide support for for any disputes that may occur between our clients and government agencies. We get involved with the preparation of all petitions and help follow the process. In the case that the objections are overruled we help provide the legal support. We combine the legal bases of such cases and a digest of the relevant regulations to our clients to help them begin a potential legal process as efficiently as possible.


We track and observe active disputes between the customs directorates and third parties. Our analysts create reports on causes and effects of these disputes and we supply our clients with case studies built around these reports.


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