International Trade Consulting

International Trade Consulting


International trade is a rather broad and complex process for companies dealing with both imports and exports. It is generally defined as the totality of all trade, imports, and exports between countries.


Success in International Trade


Success in this domain is largely dependent on the procurement of the service or the good in the most economical way possible. What makes this success challenging to achieve is that many countries aim to control and restrict the entry of goods, with tariffs and other means, in order to protect human, animal, and plant life.


At the same time given that customs duty is a considerable part of the total costs it is very crucial to realize the importing of the goods under the correct tax rates. The release of a good into the market as quickly as possible depends on the correct and up-to-date analyses of the customs rules and regulations and an extremely high level understanding of the Turkish HS Codes. We navigate these complex processes and help your operations reach maximum efficiency.


Our consulting services include the identification of the correct HS Code of a good, determination of its relevant international trade requirements, the accounting of the related financial obligations, and the delivery of prescriptive analyses of all the relevant international trade practices.


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